When going gluten-free, one of the hardest things to give up is bread! Store-bought gluten-free breads don’t always make the cut, and the ones that do taste great and aren’t full of nasties, usually put a serious dent in your grocery budget. Enter homemade gluten-free bread.

Claire Luckman | Gut Health - Bloating

Bloating and abdominal discomfort are a common complaint I hear about in clinical practice. There are numerous reasons as to why some people experience abdominal bloating and pinpointing the underlying cause can take some detective work. For some clients we may need to look at functional testing if the problem is chronic and isn’t alleviated by the following tips. However, we often find that implementing one or more of the following strategies can make the bloat disappear altogether! If you suffer from bloating or feelings of discomfort then read on and see if you could benefit from trialling these tips.