School’s back and whether you’re a lunchbox lover or, like many of my mum-clients, the thought of packing them fills you with a sense of dread, I’ve got some tips on how to pack a healthy lunch for your toddler, primary-school kiddie or teen.

Claire Luckman | Plant based diet

Following a plant-based diet is a great way to improve your health and take one for the planet. Large bodies of research show us the health benefits of going vegetarian or plant-based are numerous – from reduced body fat, lower blood pressure and lower cholesterol to protection against heart disease and certain cancers.

Claire Luckman | Healthy Living on a Budget

Taking care of your health is an investment and making positive changes to your diet and lifestyle will give you benefits both now and in the future. Shopping with your health in mind can be overwhelming at first, and many people are disheartened by the increased cost of organic food and personal care items. While it is true these things often cost more than their conventional alternatives, there are many tips and tricks I give my clients all the time in clinic so that they are equipped with easy ways to buy better quality food and household/body-care items without breaking the bank.