Initial Appointment — 60min — A$ 150.00
Follow Up Appointment — 45min — A$ 110.00
Acute Phone Appointments — 15min — A$ 50.00
Kid’s Health Consults — 30min — A$ 80.00


All appointments can be done either face-to-face or via Skype/phone.

Initial Appointment

Initial appointments run for 60 minutes. We will investigate your current health, your personal and family medical history as well as your diet and lifestyle. Any necessary testing will be discussed and organised for you. Your holistic treatment plan will include specific herbs and nutrients to treat your condition, a strong emphasis on using food as medicine as well as lifestyle tips and tricks to get you to optimal health.

60 Min — A$ 150.00

Follow-up Appointments

Follow-up appointments run for 45 minutes. We will continue to investigate your health concerns and review initial treatments and their effects, as well as discuss any test results that may have been done.

45 Min — A$ 110.00

Acute Phone Appointments

Acute phone appointments are available for 15 minutes for existing clients to discuss supplement reviews, test results and acute health complaints between appointments.  

15 Min — A$ 50.00

Kid’s Health Consults

These consults are specifically designed for children aged 0-12 years of age and run for 30 minutes. We will discuss your child’s presenting health condition as well as their medical history, family health history and their diet and lifestyle (sleep, mood, behaviour, exercise etc). Children’s treatment plans are always realistic and practical, and I provide lots of support around nutrition and diet.

30 Min — A$ 80.00