Clinic Update for 2024

2023 is quickly coming to an end so it is time for me to update my current and future clients with my plans for 2024.

Next year holds a new adventure for myself & my family, as my husband Ben has been offered a relocation position for 12 months in Amsterdam for his job. It took a little convincing for me at first to come around to the idea, but I am now incredibly excited & grateful to have this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to live in Europe for a year with my family. It does however feel a little bittersweet when it comes to my business, as I have loved my clinic in Coledale and worked hard to build it up over the past few years. I will be back, though, so watch this space!

The Logistics

For any current clients of mine, we will be able to continue working together until the end of February 2024. I will then be taking some time off as we move to Amsterdam in early March and once settled and my kids have started school there, I will be working online with video consults to continue supporting my current clients. My hours will be reduced due to the time difference, and because of this, I have decided to close my books to any new clients as of December 2023. I plan to reopen my books to new clients again at some point next year, but the exact date is hard to predict at this point.

So if you haven’t seen me for a consult before, and you’d like to, November is the time to book in! We can get started with your initial consult in November, giving us plenty of time to continue your treatment plan through until the end of Feb, and then check in as needed in 2024 via online video consults. I am still in my Coledale clinic until the end of the year, so you have the option as usual for either face-to-face consults or online video or phone.

Supplements & Refills

I will continue to use my online dispensary, Vital.Ly for supplements for both current and new clients. For liquid herbs and compounding powders that any clients may be taking, as of March 2024, I will be able to continue prescribing and refilling these individualised formulas with the help of my colleague here in Bulli, Emma Wiseman, and my previous clinic in Leichhardt Sydney, Darling Health. We will be able to arrange either herbs or compound powder collection at either clinic or postage as needed. So never fear, if you’re a liquid herbs lover, I have got you covered!!

I have been so privileged to connect with so many wonderful clients both locally and further away thanks to Telehealth, and I am looking forward to meeting some more new faces in November. The silver lining of covid lockdowns is that online consulting was made possible for me in my job, and now I get to enjoy the perks of the quick adjustment I had to make in covid with the ability to work online in Europe for a year!

If you have any questions or queries, please reach out and send me a message here on my website. Otherwise, head to the bookings page and I look forward to seeing you soon!